Looking for a 6-bedroom around TCU?

The Short Answer: Unfortunately, we don’t have any 6-bedrooms. They aren’t currently, nor have ever been, allowed under the City of Fort Worth Zoning Code. We try to stay within the legal limits of the code, so that our tenants are never put in a difficult position.

Ok, so that’s the short answer! If you just needed the short answer, please check out our Properties page to see what we have available! If you are interested in more information about the Zoning Code and occupancy codes around TCU, read on for the Long Answer!

City of Fort Worth Zoning

The City of Fort Worth Zoning Code classifies residential properties into different density areas that define how many “families” can live in one property. (Ok, I know that the term “family” seems odd, since its not families necessarily living in properties. That’s the term that has been used by the City for years.)  In practice, this translates to:

  • In a single family area, one family can live in a property;
  • In a two-family area, up to two families can live in a property, such as a duplex; and
  • In a multi-family area, multiple families can live in a property, such as an apartment complex.

The City of Fort Worth, defines a family as (see page 436), “Any individual or two or more persons related by blood, adoption or marriage or not more than five unrelated persons living and cooking as a single housekeeping unit or home and expressly excluding lodging, boarding or fraternity houses.”

I’m not sure how long the family definition has allowed only 5 unrelated persons to live together, but we have owned property in Fort Worth for 20 years and this definition has been the same during that entire time.

TCU Overlay

In 2015, the City of Fort Worth created an overlay for single family properties in the TCU area (see page 116).  The overlay reduced the number of unrelated people that can live together from 5 people to 3 people. However, the TCU Overlay allowed “grandfathering” of properties that registered by March 31, 2015 to continue renting their properties to more than 3 people.

About Weimer Properties

All of our properties were built to the City of Fort Worth Zoning Code that was in place at the time of building, which means:

  • We have 4- and 5-bedroom properties in single family areas that were “legal,” prior to the TCU Overlay;
  • We have never built 6 bedroom properties or rented our properties for more than 5 unrelated people; and
  • All of our single family properties, that house more than 3 people, were registered within the TCU Overlay deadline.

Here are answers to common questions.

Are there any properties that can legally house 6 (or more) people?

No, 6 (or more) people are not legally allowed in any single property/dwelling.

I have friends that live with 6 people. Can’t we just do that without telling anyone?

We’ve heard the same thing. Unfortunately, both the landlord and the tenants are in breach of Fort Worth Zoning laws.

What could happen if we live with 6 people?

Honestly, we aren’t completely certain of the repercussions, since we personally haven’t dealt with the situation (and don’t want to!).  The City can assess up to $2000 per day for violating the zoning ordinances.

We have friends that have a group of 10 living in one of your properties.  How is that possible?

We can rent to a group larger than 5, if the group rents two units in a duplex.  We have 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom duplexes, so a group could coordinate renting the entire duplex, which would accommodate groups of 6, 8, or 10.

So, that’s the long answer! We hope that this information helps you to make a more informed choice as you decide on what property to rent!

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