Three Great Food and Fun Adventures

The summer is a great time to get out and explore!  Fort Worth and Tarrant County encompass a big area.  Here are three great Tarrant County outings that combine fun and food into one trip!

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge | Ginger Brown’s Old Thyme Restaurant & Bakery

The Fort Worth Nature Center and Ginger Brown’s are located in northwest Tarrant County, about 30 minutes from the TCU area.  You will pass Ginger Brown’s while you are going out and coming back from the Nature Center.

While the Nature Center Visitor Center provides some good information about the flora and fauna, I most enjoy hiking the trails.  One of my favorite trails is the Marsh Boardwalk trail.  I like to walk out there and watch the dragonflies.  The Nature Center also offers some great tours, including canoe tours.  I highly suggest bug repellent and long pants, as there are chiggers on some of the trails.

After you enjoy some hiking at the Nature Center, you can stop at Ginger Brown’s for some of the best cinnamon rolls in the area.  If you order a meal, many times you get a complimentary cinnamon roll.  But, you can order just a cinnamon roll.  Be careful, they are addicting!

Cost:  Fort Worth Nature Center $5/adult

Sam Moon | Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant

Sam Moon and Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant are both located in north Fort Worth, about 20 minutes from the TCU area.

Sam Moon is a chain store that started in Dallas.  It’s a bit like Canal Street in NYC.  There are lots of purses, belts, jewelry, and all sorts of accessories.  While it can be totally overwhelming, I can guarantee that you will probably buy at least one thing.  Nothing is super high quality, but it can be a fun outing to find some great-priced accessories.

Instead of eating at Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant AFTER Sam Moon, you might want to eat there first.  I’m always spending more time that I expected at Sam Moon.  Many years ago, Mark and I used to live in Haslet (a small town on the west side of I35, close to Texas Motor Speedway).  We frequented Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant regularly.  The Mexican food is good and well-priced.  Its still one of Mark’s favorite Mexican restaurants.

River Legacy | Potager Café

River Legacy and Potager are located in Arlington, about 20 minutes from the TCU area.  While the two locations are not located super close together, you’re in Arlington, so does it really matter?!

We love to ride our bikes at River Legacy.  Not only do they have a paved trail, but they also have mountain biking trails.  Both the paved trail and the mountain biking trail are well-shaded, which is so great in the Texas heat.  Of course, you can also walk either of the trails.  It’s a pretty big park, so you can spend awhile wandering around.  There is even a nice Visitor Center.

Potager is probably best know for its “pay what you think the food was worth” model, but I love it for the great food.  The food is freshly prepared with local ingredients.   Since the food is served quasi-cafeteria-esque style, you can pick and choose the items that you want.  If you want more vegetables, you can get that.  If you want more of the meat dish, you can get that.  Bring cash though, because credit and debit aren’t accepted.

I hope that you will get out there and expand your experience with Tarrant County.  We really have lots of different interesting areas to explore and enjoy!


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