Weimer Properties Privacy Policy

We take our Resident privacy seriously.


Our Resident’s personal contact information will never be provided to any company or person not affiliated with Weimer Properties or the companies that Weimer Properties manages.

We do not provide contact information to our current residents about future residents or to future residents about current residents.


Except for Lease Amendments, our Resident’s personal lease information will not be disclosed to any person not on the Lease, including parents, without written consent from Resident. Even once written consent has been provided, only information pertaining to the particular Resident that gave consent will be disclosed.

In the process of Lease amendments, the lease and its details are disclosed to prospective residents.


Each Resident’s username is the email provided on the Rental Application.  The username cannot be changed without written request from the Tenant.  We cannot issue a login for any person not on a Lease with Weimer Properties.

All Residents on Lease will receive all statements related to property.

All Requests sent through the Resident Center are shared with all Residents on the Lease automatically.  Please direct any private conversations through email.


All conversations with a Resident, regarding a property, may be shared with other residents on lease, as necessary, unless Resident has requested that conversation not be disclosed. Weimer Properties will have discretion over sharing conversation and will communicate to tenant, if the request for non-disclosure cannot be accommodated.

If you are not on the Lease but need information about our processes, please review our FAQ, which provides extensive information about our rental process, our lease, and maintenance procedures.

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Your information will only be used by Weimer Properties.