How should we prepare our house for move-out?

Here are some things to take care of before and during your move-out:

Termination notice: Before you moveout, please confirm that you have given proper notice or that we have given you notice that your Lease will not continue.

Rent payments:  If you have an automatic payment for any date other than the first of the month, please cancel your payment, after your last month’s rent has been paid.  Our system will cancel any automatic payments on your termination date.  If your automatic payment drafts at the end of the month and you do not cancel it, any rent refunds will be issued with the Security Deposit Refund for your property.

Security Deposit Refund: Please see our FAQ about the Security Deposit for more information.

Move-out date: Let us know the date that you plan to be out of your house. If you plan to be out early, we can help you to minimize utilities while you are not living there. Utilities need to stay in your name until your Termination Date.

Personal belongings:  All personal belongings should be removed from the property.

Property repairs: Don’t make any repairs, including holes. Many times repairs are not completed to our quality level and you may incur additional costs to undo your work and then repair the original problem. Remove nails in the walls.

Clean your house: We expect to receive the house in the same condition that you received it, while anticipating some normal wear and tear. If you would like to hire a cleaning person, we can recommend Veronica (817.784.5901).  Please review the Move out Cleaning Checklist in the Documents section of the Resident Center.

Light bulbs and batteries:  Please ensure that all light bulbs and smoke detector batteries are working.

Trash:  All trash should be contained in trash cans. Please do not place non-recycling items in your recycling container. If you have excess trash, please take it to one of the City of Fort Worth Drop-0ff Stations.

Access devices: Drop off exterior door keys, garage door openers (if applicable), gate openers (if applicable), and any other access devices in one envelope, with your address, in the mailbox at our mailing address. Please leave interior door keys in bedroom doors.

Utilities:  Ensure that utilities remain on until your termination date.

Forwarding address: Complete the Security Deposit Refund Form (available in Documents section of Resident Center) and return to our mailing address.

Referral: If you enjoyed living with us, please consider sending us your comments!

We appreciate the time that you spent with us and hope you enjoyed living in a Weimer Properties home!

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