Can you please explain the Trash Service?

The City of Fort Worth has very specific guidelines on trash service. Most people encounter issues with their trash service when they move in, move out, or host a large get together.  If you don’t put your trash out correctly, waste management will not pick up your trash, which then creates a situation of excess trash the following week.

To check your Trash schedule, visit the City of Fort Worth Solid Waste Services page and enter your address.  It will provide information on the dates of your regular trash and recycling service, yard trimming pickup, and bulk waste pickup.

Here is some general information, to get you started!


  • Your weekly trash goes in the GREY trash can.  Your weekly recycling goes in the BLUE trash can.
  • In the TCU area, trash service is generally on Wednesday.
  • Place cans at the curb by 7am on your trash day.  Pick them up by midnight on your trash day.
  • Both cans may be placed at the curb 6pm the night before your trash service.
  • The lid of each can should close completely (cannot be overstuffed).
  • DO NOT BAG recycling.  You also do not need to separate recycling.  Plastic bags should not be placed in recycling.
  • Any bags of trash sitting next to the trash can will NOT be picked up, unless they are city-issued Pay Bags.


  • Fort Worth provides monthly curbside collection of items that are too large, heavy or bulky to fit in the trash can.
  • Free pickup is limited to 10 cubic yards and should NOT be in plastic bags.
  • Bulky items should be placed at the curb by 7am on the Monday of your assigned week.  The City should pick up your items by 5pm on Saturday of your assigned week.
  • In the TCU area, bulk pick up is generally the week of the 4th Monday.


  • You can also take excess trash to one of the City of Fort Worth Drop-off locations.
  • The closest location to TCU is 6260 Old Hemphill Road.
  • Don’t forget to take a copy of your current water bill to access services at the drop-off locations.

If you have questions about trash service, please send a Request through the Resident Center.  Its pretty easy for a trash situation to spiral into a difficult situation.

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