Tell me more about scheduling utilities for my home

Contact the utility companies to schedule service about a week prior to your move-in date. We require electric, water/trash, and gas (if applicable) to be active on your Lease Commencement date, even if you aren’t moving in on that date. The optional utilities include alarm monitoring, cable, internet, and satellite. Those can be scheduled at any time.

Sometimes utility providers require the owner name.  The owner name for your home can be found on first page of your Lease, which is located in the Documents section of the Resident Center.


Electric Service

You may contact any electric service provider for service. The most common providers are:
Startex Power
Green Mountain Energy

Water/Trash Service 

Contact the Fort Worth Water Department for water and trash service. Your water bill will include a charge for trash service.

Water/Trash Service (The Terrace)

Service will automatically activate for your home through Guardian Power and Water.  The bill will include your water and trash service.

Gas Service (not required at all properties)

Contact Atmos Gas for your gas service.  They are the only natural gas provider for Fort Worth.


Alarm Monitoring

Our security systems are designed through Ideal Security.  Using another security system provider may incur additional charges.


There are several options for phone, television, internet services:
AT&T  (Only provider for The Terrace)
Note: Satellite dishes may NOT be mounted on the house.

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