How do we complete a Rental Application?

We require a Rental Application for each person that will be living at the property.

Where do I find the Rental Application?

The Rental Application is available on our website.  Every person that will be living at the property will complete a separate Rental Application.

Is there a fee for the Rental Application?  How do I pay it?

Yes, there is a fee.  When you complete the Rental Application, you will be given the option to pay via eCheck or with a credit card.

What happens after I submit my Rental Application?

Once we receive Rental Applications from each person in your group, we will send you an email confirmation that the property will be held for your group for 24-hours.  That email will also contain information about the steps to sign the Lease and pay the Security Deposit.

What happens during the 24-hour hold?

During the 24-hour hold, we will not process any Rental Applications or sign a Lease for the property that you have chosen.  During this time, you can coordinate your Security Deposit and coordinate a time for ALL of your roommates to sign the lease.

What happens if I don’t sign a Lease within my 24 hour hold?

After 24 hours, the property will become available again.  If another group is interested in the property, that group may submit Rental Applications and possibly rent the property.  However, if the property is still available, you may sign a Lease as soon as you are ready.

Please note:  we will NOT hold a property with more than one unfilled bedroom. (ie, for a 5 bedroom property, you must have 4 bedrooms filled).

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