What is the Process for Signing the Lease?

Once you have viewed and chosen a Property that you are interested in renting, everyone that will be living at the Property should complete Rental Applications.  Once the Property has been put on hold, schedule a time to sign the Lease.

When can I schedule a time to sign the Lease?

Try to schedule a time within your 24-hour hold that all of your roommates can sign the Lease together.  We are located about 15 minutes from the TCU campus and signing the Lease takes about 30-45 minutes.

What happens if I don’t sign the Lease within the 24-hour hold?

Once your 24-hour hold has expired, if we have other Rental Applications for the property, the next applicants would be eligible to sign a Lease.  Otherwise, you can sign the Lease as soon as you are ready.

Can I view a copy of the Lease before I sign it?

Yes, you can view a Weimer Properties Lease.  However, when the property is placed on a 24-hour hold for your group, we will provide a Sample copy of the completed Lease for you, in the Documents Section of your Tenant Portal.  You can download the Sample copy to your computer, to view and to share, as necessary.

What do I need to sign the Lease?

Please bring ALL your roommates and your Security Deposit.  We prefer to sign the Lease with all tenants together, so we can answer any questions.  We also find that the Lease signing proceeds more smoothly when everyone is together.

How do I pay the Security Deposit?

The Security Deposit can be paid by cash, check, or via eCheck.  If you have multiple people living together, you may choose how to divide the Security Deposit.  The full amount of the Security Deposit must be paid to complete the Lease signing.

Where can I view a copy of my signed Lease?

The signed Lease is available in the Documents section of your Tenant Portal.

How long is the Lease Term?

Our standard Lease Term is one-year.

After our Lease term ends, how do we renew our Lease? 

We have a whole section on renewing your Lease!

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