Tell me more about extending our Lease.

Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions about Extending your Lease!

We just received a notification about extending our Lease.  What should we do?

Chat with your roommates about who wants to stay.  If everyone is staying, please let us know, so a Lease Extension can be sent to you!

If everyone is moving, please email us.  If some people want to stay and some people want to move, READ ON!  The next few questions should provide some help.

Some of the roommates want to stay and some of the roommates will be moving.  What should we do? 

We can create a Lease Extension with changes to the names on the Lease.  Any new residents will need to complete a Rental Application on our website.

What if we don’t know who will be moving in yet?

That’s not a problem.  Just email us the name(s) of those folks that will be moving out, so the Lease Extension can include the correct names.

If there is more than one unfilled bedroom on your Lease Extension, a parent may need to be added to the Lease Extension while finalizing your new roommates.  When the new roommates are decided, let us know!

What if we sign the Lease Extension with just a few of us, but then cannot find anyone to move-in?

You will still be responsible for the full amount of rent and the Lease Term.

What if we don’t sign a Lease Extension by the deadline?  Can we still extend our Lease later?  Can we have more time to decide?

If your home is still available, we would absolutely prefer that you stay and sign a Lease Extension.  However, we have a pretty tight window to lease our houses.

What if we need a different size house?

Contact Us immediately!  We always give our current residents preference on leasing our other homes.  We have 2, 3, 4, and 5-bedroom homes.

What if we are moving out, but have some friends that want to move in?

We would love to have your friends live in a Weimer Properties home!  Tell them to complete Rental Applications on our website.

If we do not renew, will you let us know before showing our house?

Yes, definitely! We will email you the day before we show your house.

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